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One Nation
Under God
With Liberty
And Justice
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Gale Joy
The Ammo Ban
The 6th Amendment
The 7th Amendment
The Oregon Issue

National Veteran's Coalition

Pocket Constitution
$1 - Available in bulk quantities under $.40 per copy.

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The 5000 Year Leap
reveals the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Founding Fathers which made possible more progress in 200 years than in the previous 5,000 years.
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The Making of America
is about the world's greatest political success formula.

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The Law
By Frederic Bastiat

The explanations and arguments against socialism by Mr. Bastiat are, word for word, valid today.

The Light & The Glory
As we look at our nation’s history from God’s point of view, we begin to have an idea of how much we owe a very few—and how much is still at stake.
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Soldiers Statesmen & Heroes
Historical debunkers have taken great pains to cast doubt upon the character and motives of our Founding Fathers.
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Betrayed By The Bench
John Stormer has been deeply involved at the legislative and judicial levels of government for over thirty years to keep families, church ministries and private schools free from government control.
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Response To "A Vote For Castle Is A Vote For Hillary!"

A Time For Action To Prevent Mass Murders

SB-193, Ohio Election Law & Its Affects On 3rd Parties in Ohio

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KrisAnne Hall

Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host

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