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Richard Wellman - Chairman

"I started by comparing the various parties and did not see a real difference between Republicans and Democrats. They both seem to be controlled by special interest groups rather than the people they are presumably representing. I decided to start looking into third party options. I was at first drawn to the Tea Party but they did not fit with my Christian values of anti-abortion/pro-life, traditional (biblical) marriage (one man and one woman). After spending a great deal of time looking into the principles and platforms I found that the only party that I could identify with was the Constitution Party. It is time for a change to the way our government is currently being run. They have assumed too much control over our lives. It is time for “real” change."

Rick was born in Springfield Ohio in 1962. He dropped out of high school in his twelfth grade year at Springfield North High School. He returned the following year to Grace Baptist Christian School in Springfield and graduated in 1981. Rick was an average student doing well in math but taking little interest in subjects such as geography, history and government. After leaving school he started working at lower paying jobs such as lawn care and a family meat processing business. He tried several times to enlist in the military but was turned away due to a childhood history of heart problems.  He was hired in 1987 by a central Ohio manufacturing company and has been there for nearly 30 years. His marriage starting in 1981 ended in divorce in 1999. He has since been happily married since 2009.

Rick was never very interested in politics until the Presidential election of 2012. It was bad enough that we elected Barack Obama in 2008 and the Republican response in 2012 was Mitt Romney? This was not acceptable. He started searching for more choices.

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