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Joshua Young - Chairman

In my desire to see America become the Nation that we once were, I begin to search for a party - a party other than the Republican Party, that I was part of all of my adult life. I felt like the Republican Party was failing its supporters. In my search I found the Constitution Party. In researching the party and seeing their platform, I found their ideology and mine were in agreement. With the desire to see the United States to return to the roots of our Founding Fathers and the Judeo-Christian values that this Great Nation was founded upon, I begin to look at the Constitution Party even harder. After about a year to a year and a half, I made the move to the Constitution Party. I truly believe, as with anything in our lives, if we return back to where we begin, we can be made stronger, we can stand, and we can make new, what has been made ugly. That is why I joined the Constitution Party. I look forward to working with this party to make America's future brighter and stronger. May God Bless America, through our efforts as a Party, to return to what we were.

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