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SB-193 Election Law & Its Effects On 3rd Parties in Ohio

By Don Shrader, Eaton, OH

Admittedly, solving the illegal alien/invader problem along the US-Mexico border is a major problem.  Unfortunately, none of the “solutions” being proposed at the moment, or during the past decade or more, whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, Dick Durbin or Sean Hannity or President Trump, will solve the problem.  Attempting to build a wall all along the hundreds of miles of the Mexican border, while a nice thought, is ludicrous – talk about your bridge to nowhere!  This does not mean that we should give up and do nothing but let us first understand the problem and then address the issues appropriately and sensibly.  My greatest fear in what I just said is that we as a nation have neither the willingness to truly define the problems nor the political intestinal fortitude to address them once we grasp the true nature of the problems and ascertain what are viable and reasonable solutions – as provided below.

Before I continue, let me say that I, like most others who are concerned about our porous southern border, take no issue with legal immigrants, or foreign workers and visitors to the U.S. who enter legally. Immigrants to this country have brought great wealth into the U.S. in terms of intellectual capital, industriousness, and other similar assets.  Normally, they truly realize the freedoms available in this country to pursue one’s goals and dreams, to achieve and be successful.  Like many, I favor an extensive review of our immigration laws and policies to make them as amiable and amenable as possible to those desiring to legally immigrate to the U.S.  Of course, any review must well consider our nation’s ability to assimilate a greater number of immigrants into our society and our economy, but pending that, I favor allowing more people to legally immigrate here and/or obtain work visas.  Also, it should be noted that within this paper, I have carefully avoided calling the illegal aliens crossing our borders and invading our land, “immigrants.” They are not “illegal immigrants”, they are illegal aliens!  We should not confuse those who choose to legally immigrate to this country, i.e. legally take up permanent residence here and make this country their home, including adopting and adapting to our language and lifestyles, and those that invade our borders illegally. 

Most U.S. citizens understand the problem to a degree.  We all understand that there are millions of illegal aliens currently living and working in the U.S.  It is beyond the scope of this paper to address the socio-economic issues this poses and the financial drain this causes on our school systems, our welfare system, our medical community, and the like.  But, we should still consider these issues and their impact.  Consider for example the current extreme shortage of nurses in this country; how many are “consumed” treating illegal aliens?  And, how often and to what extent is our shortage of doctors and nurses exacerbated by treating strange and/or difficult to treat diseases being transported across our border?  Some are saying that if we do not hire illegals, that the price of goods, particularly fruits and vegetables, will rise dramatically.  The best rebuttal I have heard to that is that they are already costing us. It is just in indirect costs such as those noted above rather than in direct costs at the grocery store, and these indirect costs are much more than any savings at the grocery store.

Regarding building the wall, it will NOT be effective unless something similar to the regimens described herein is implemented; however, if they are implemented there will be no need for a wall, i.e. the wall is a useless but expensive façade.

With respect to the U.S - Mexican border issues, defining the problems and providing the solutions are both complex. While I am not able to totally address every issue in this treatise, I have tried to provide sufficient information to establish a reasonable alternative to building that expensive edifice all along the border.... More

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