With liberty and freedom come responsibilities.  It is not right, and possibly immoral, for those who enjoy the freedoms and liberties of this nation, to assume that it is the responsibility of others to defend our Constitution and our country against all enemies.  While it is proper that those serving our country in the military and through other means be justly compensated, it is also the duty of all those who desire to live in this country as a fully vested citizen to also accept the responsibility to defend those rights, privileges, freedoms and liberty.  Thus we call upon every individual citizen to do his part within his moral conscience to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Constitution Party of Ohio is concerned regarding the use of troops via the draft, or forced conscription, even in the service of the United States with respect to defending our nation against our enemies, foreign and domestic.  It is particularly anathema for the draft to be used to force young men to be engaged in unconstitutional wars and police actions, those conducted without a proper Congressional declaration of war, or at the whim or other decision and/or direction of the President or other military authority.