It is our responsibility to be prudent, productive, and efficient stewards of God's natural resources. In that role, we are commanded to be fruitful and multiply, and to replenish the earth and develop it (e.g., to turn deserts into farms and wastelands into groves). This requires a proper and continuing dynamic balance between development and conservation, between use and preservation.

In keeping with this requirement, we wholeheartedly support realistic efforts to preserve the environment and reduce pollution - air, water, and land. We support the use of “green” energy and the use of natural resources within a free-market construct.  We reject, however, the argument of the perceived threat of man-made global warming or other “man-made climate change scenarios” which has been refuted by a large number of scientists. The globalists are using the global warming/climate change threat to gain more control via worldwide sustainable development.  We call upon the State of Ohio and its governments to reject all attempts at regulating what is termed “carbon footprints” and be restrained from engaging in any form of carbon trades or purchasing of carbon credits.