1.  Membership of the Party shall consist of all persons who, as a minimum have submitted a completed application for membership as prescribed by the State Committee. County members will apply for membership using this form and will also automatically become members of the State Party. 

2.  The State Convention, upon recommendation of the State Committee or State Executive Committee, may by resolution impose such other requirements for membership in the Party as they deem appropriate.

3.  Those who have met the minimum requirements stated above and are not otherwise restricted or removed from membership by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the State Committee as prescribed in Article V, Section A., Item 4, will be deemed to be “members in-good-standing.” Voting Members as described in Item 4 below must have paid their annual dues within the prescribed timeframe to be “Voting Members in-good-standing” for any one year. Dues for Voting Members must be paid within the first quarter (January through March) of each year. First time Voting Members may become Voting Members in-good-standing 60 days after paying their dues. From that point forward, all Voting Members must pay their voting membership dues in the first quarter of the year. Failure to pay one’s Annual Voting Membership dues within the specified timeframe each year will result in revocation of that person’s status as a Voting Member in-good-standing and may only be reinstated by paying the Voting Membership dues during the first quarter of the following year. If a person fails to pay his Voting Membership dues as prescribed herein, his membership will revert to a General Member in-good-standing for the remainder of the year unless his total membership is revoked for cause as provided in Article V, Section A, Items 3 and 4.

4. There are two classes of memberships in the Party: 1. General, and 2. Voting. While no fees are to be imposed upon General Members, Voting Members must pay an Annual Membership Fee to be set in accord with Item 2 above. The initial fee upon passage of this Amendment to Article IV, Membership, will be $25 per annum. Only Voting Members in good standing may vote during any State Convention or other formal votes of the Party. All members of the State Committee and State Executive Committee as defined in Article V must be Voting Members.