Section A:  Membership

  1. Subject to the terms herein, the membership of the State Committee shall be comprised of the following:
    • State Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer,
    • The immediate past State Officers as long as each remains a member in good standing,
    • Any additional Executive Committee Members-at-Large appointed by the State Chairman in accord with Article V, Section C, Item 1.
    • The Regional Coordinator and Vice Coordinator of each of the 7 Regions in Ohio.
    • The Chairman of each County Committee.
    • Each County chairman may appoint an alternate person from his County to act as his representative to fulfill the duties and responsibilities in his stead with respect to the State Committee including casting votes for State Committee member business.  The chairman may change his appointments at any time consistent with his respective County Bylaws.  Chairmen must give notification of such appointments or changes in appointments to the members of the Executive Committee at least 2 weeks prior to any state meeting or function requiring such attendance or other official participation.
  2. All members of the State Committee, or any alternate person appointed as stated above, shall be at least 18 years of age and shall be members in good standing of the State Party as prescribed in Article IV above.  (Note: It is not a requirement to declare one’s affiliation with the Constitution Party of Ohio with the Ohio Secretary of State to be a member-in-good-standing or a member of the State Committee.  In Ohio currently, official Party designation can only be done during a primary election by requesting a Party ballot.  However, it should be noted that in accordance with the rules provided by the Secretary of State for Presidential Elections, only persons that have not voted in another Party’s Primary for the past two years are eligible to be Electors for another Party, such as the Constitution Party, in Ohio.)
  3.  Becoming an officer or accepting a known party leadership position at any level in another political party automatically revokes one’s membership in the Constitution Party of Ohio. 
  4. Membership in the Party and the State Committee may be revoked for cause upon the vote of three-fourths of the members present in person at any duly convened meeting of the State Committee or as otherwise permitted under these Bylaws. In addition, State, Regional, and County officers can be removed from office for cause by a three-fourths vote of the State Committee.
  5.  In order for any State Committee Meeting to be duly convened, a quorum must be present or otherwise accounted when other duly convened meetings are assembled such as those held via electronic access.  A quorum will consist of 35% of the official State Committee Members, or their duly appointed alternates as prescribed in Section 1.d. above.  The Party Secretary will be responsible for recording the names of those Committee Members or designated alternates attending any official State Committee Meeting.  A majority vote of those members or designated alternates present and voting at any State Committee Meeting shall be an act of the State Meeting unless otherwise directed in these Bylaws.
  6. The members of the State Committee shall have such powers and duties as are otherwise prescribed in these Bylaws and shall be available, individually and collectively, for advice to the Executive Committee and the State Chairman.