Section C:  Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the State Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, the immediate past State Chairman as long as he remains a member in good standing, and up to five (5) other members at-large appointed by the Chairman and approved by the State Committee.
  2. At-large members serve at the pleasure of the Chairman and their membership in the Executive Committee may be revoked by the Chairman with consent of the State Committee, or as otherwise provided by these Bylaws.
  3. The Executive Committee shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the State Committee between State Committee meetings to provide for continued smooth and effective operations of the Party except in areas where the State Committee shall specifically restrict the functions of the Executive Committee. Otherwise, the Executive Committee shall have such powers and duties as are otherwise prescribed in these Bylaws and shall be available for advice to the State Chairman.
  4. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of a majority of the active membership of the Committee.  In the absence of a quorum of the Executive Committee for any reason, the State Chairman will conduct business and carry out the duties of the Committee until such time as a quorum can be convened.
  5. Becoming an officer or accepting a known party leadership position at any level in another political party automatically revokes one’s membership in the Constitution Party of Ohio as well as his membership in the State Executive Committee.