1. Voting at the State Convention for election of officers, Party nominations for elective offices, or adopting or amending the Platform shall be by secret ballot.  All other official votes shall be by vocal affirmation or show of hands as determined by the Chairman unless any member of the State Committee or delegate to the State Convention, as appropriate, shall call for a hand count or secret ballot. If an objection is raised, then after the objection is heard, the Committee or the Convention can still vote by affirmation or show of hands if such action is approved by a vote of three-fourths (3/4) of those attending such meeting.   A person holding multiple offices shall not be entitled to more than one vote.  Only Delegates who are Members of the Party in Good Standing and present at the meeting may vote; each delegate is entitled to only one vote.
  2. Votes that end in equal numbers shall be decided by vote of the State Chairman or the person presiding over such meeting in place of the Chairman.