1. The Party shall hold a biennial Convention in connection with each general (i.e. even year) election to conduct such business as may properly come before it at a time and place to be determined by the State Executive Committee as provided in Article V, Section E, Item 2c.  The Call for the State Convention shall be issued by the State Chairman pursuit to Article V, Section E, Item 3.b.
  2. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of the State Convention and the rulings of the Chairman of the State Convention shall be the decision on the question before the body.  The Chairman shall appoint a Parliamentarian for the Convention for deciding questions of parliamentary procedure.
  3. At a minimum, the state convention will carry out the election of State Officers and Delegates, and officially nominate those running for elective offices in accord with the instructions, restrictions, duties, and timeliness ascribed elsewhere in these By-Laws.
  4. The affirmative vote of the majority of delegates voting at the State Convention shall be the act of the Convention.
  5. The State Chairman shall preside at the State Convention. Newly elected Party Officers and Delegates shall begin their duties immediately following the appropriate State Convention.
  6. Every member in good standing of the Constitution Party of Ohio shall be entitled to be a delegate to the State Convention, unless otherwise restricted by these By-Laws, by attending in person, provided that the State Committee may prescribe registration fees to be registered as a delegate.
  7. No delegate, however, may be a paid staff member of any candidate running for elective office or otherwise officially compensated by the Party or by any candidate or candidate’s campaign for his services in conjunction with the State Convention.