1. In accord with the National Party Rules given below, delegates to National Committee meetings of the Party shall be elected by the State Convention held in the year of the National Convention if held prior thereto, or if not, by the State Committee at the meeting last preceding the National Convention.   The State Chairman may appoint additional delegates as needed to provide a full complement of delegates to the National Committee.  National Committee delegates will be elected for a period of four years.  Appointed delegates may be removed and/or reappointed by the State Chairman.  Elected delegates takes precedence over appointed delegates. The total number of delegates to be elected or appointed to the National Committee will be according to the National Party Delegate Rules reprinted below.
  2. National Committee Delegates may also serve concurrently as National Convention Delegates.
  3. The State Chairman and the State Vice Chairman will serve as the “Two (2) members” to the National Committee identified as item “a.” below unless they are unable to fulfill the duties of a delegate in which case the delegate(s) will be chosen as indicated above.


The National Committee shall consist of members from each state affiliate as follows:

  1.   Two (2) members;
  2.   Three (3) additional members if it has achieved ballot qualification

     i. for a Constitution Party Presidential nominee in the current presidential election or the two most recent presidential elections or
    ii. for a Constitution Party affiliated nominee for statewide office in the most recent general election for statewide office. 

  3.   One (1) additional member for every ten (10) votes or fraction thereof which the state is assigned in the Electoral College; and
  4.   One (1) additional member who may be designated when the state affiliate has contributed its minimum assessment to the National Committee during the immediately preceding calendar year.

Each member of the National Committee, chosen in a manner to be determined by his state affiliate shall have one (1) vote of equal value with all other members of the committee.  All votes on the National Committee must be cast in person by an authorized member or duly chosen authorized alternate member.  No proxies will be authorized or counted except for the purposes of establishing a quorum.  Each member may vote in a National Committee meeting upon payment of the National Committee member fee for that calendar year.  The annual state assessment and annual National Committee member fee shall be determined by the National Committee.

Each state affiliate shall file with the National Secretary a list of its National Committee members and alternates, whenever a change occurs, signed by the chairman of the state affiliate. The most recent list so filed shall be presumed to express the intent of the state affiliate. The Credentials Committee of the National Committee shall include, but not be limited to one (1) representative from each state affiliate, each such representative to be designated by the state affiliate.