1. In accord with the National Party Rules given below, delegates to the National Nominating Convention of the Party shall be elected by the State Convention held in the year of the National Convention if held prior thereto, or if not, by the State Committee at the meeting last preceding the National Convention.   The State Chairman may appoint additional delegates following such State Convention or State Committee Meeting as needed to provide a full complement of delegates to the National Nominating Convention.  Appointed delegates may be removed and/or reappointed by the State Chairman.  Elected delegates takes precedence over appointed delegates. The total number of delegates to be elected or appointed to the National Committee will be according to the National Party Delegate Rules reprinted below.  Delegates to the National Nominating Convention serve only until the close of the Convention.
  2. No delegate may be a paid staff member of any candidate running for elective office or otherwise officially compensated by the Party or by any candidate or candidate’s campaign for his services in conjunction with the National Nominating Convention.
  3. National Nominating Convention Delegates may also serve concurrently as National Committee Delegates.
  4. The State Chairman and the State Vice Chairman will serve as the “Two (2) votes” to the National Nominating Convention identified as item “a.” below unless they are unable to fulfill the duties of a delegate in which case the delegate(s) will be chosen as indicated above.


The National Committee shall, for each presidential election year, call a National Convention of the state affiliates for the purpose of nominating presidential and vice presidential candidates, adopting a national platform, and transacting any other appropriate business.  The National Committee or the Executive Committee shall by resolution establish the fees required for participation in the National Convention.

Number of votes allowed per state.

a. Each state affiliate will be allowed two (2) votes, representing the number of Senators each state is allowed under the U.S. Constitution;

b. Any state which has achieved ballot qualification for the Constitution Party Presidential ticket in the current election, or the two most recent presidential elections, shall be assigned additional delegate votes equal to the number of congressional districts in the state.

c. An additional delegate vote shall be assigned a state for each year, subsequent to the previous presidential election year, in which that state has fulfilled its assessment to the Constitution Party National Committee.

d. An additional delegate vote shall be assigned a state for each National Committee meeting held, subsequent to the previous Presidential election year, at which the state had at least one National Committee member in attendance.

The National Chairman shall appoint the chairmen of all National Convention Committees.

Each state affiliate shall have one (1) representative on the Credentials Committee, one (1) representative on the Rules Committee, and three (3) representatives on the Platform Committee. Each State Chairman shall transmit the names, addresses and phone numbers of all committee representatives to the chairman of the Credentials Committee.

In order for the name of any candidate for President or Vice President to be placed in nomination it shall be necessary that such nomination shall have been approved by a majority of the delegates from two (2) states.