What are the differences among the parties?

The bottom line of any political party's platform is its philosophy of what the role of government should be. Both major parties legislate as if government is omnipotent and can solve all problems. As a result, our federal government has become immensely more powerful and more centralized, and many Americans have become more and more dependent on government, especially the federal government, in almost every aspect of their lives.

Libertarians and various other parties think man is sovereign and has all the answers, therefore, changes in cultural views and morals will result in changes in law and its interpretation. History has shown that cultures which have no absolutes end in anarchy.

The Constitution Party is the only party that acknowledges the sovereignty of God and believes that our rights come from God not government. We are committed to returning our country to government under the Constitution which is based on Biblical principles. The Constitution Party affirms the original Constitutional framework of federalism (sovereign states) and separation of powers, and calls for the repeal of all laws and the elimination of all government programs not authorized by the Constitution. Other parties may call for reducing the size of government, but none of them are committed to Constitutional principles.

The Constitution Party will hold candidates elected to public office accountable to the platform. Other parties allow their elected officials to act contrary to their platform and suffer no consequences.