Don’t we already have a conservative party?

IMMIGRATION - Democrats and Republicans have failed to fulfill their constitutional duty to guard and protect our borders. They have approved the current invasion of illegal immigrants by allowing over a million illegal immigrants each year to enter the U.S. Americans' wages are driven down and then they are forced to cover the illegal immigrants’ medical bills, the education of their children, and the costs of imprisoning those who commit a disproportionate share of crime.

TAXING AND SPENDING - Both Republicans and Democrats continue to expand the power, size, and cost of the federal government. Both major parties pay lip service to smaller government, but because neither party believes in Constitutional government, their promises have little substance.

RIGHT TO LIFE - Although the Republican platform purports to be pro-life, the GOP gives financial support to candidates who favor even the most heinous form of abortion, so-called "partial birth abortion." Republican leaders who claim to be pro-life actively campaign on behalf of Republicans who support abortions without limitations.

NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY - Both major parties have supported weapons treaties and alliances which severely damage U.S. security. Communist China has been rewarded for its hostility towards the U.S., which has included espionage and threats of nuclear war, with Permanent Normal Trade Relations status.
There has been no significant opposition to UN operations in which U.S. forces serve under foreign command. Both parties approved payment of billions of dollars in alleged American "debts" to the UN. President Bush repeatedly cited UN Security Council resolutions as his ultimate authority for going to war in Iraq.
The Republican Party is fully committed to continued membership in international organizations like the UN, the WTO, and NAFTA which severely curtail American sovereignty. Furthermore, key leaders in both parties are moving forward with plans to form a North American Union which would merge our country with Canada and Mexico.

JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS - Roe v. Wade (1973) and all cases which have confirmed and enlarged the "right" to kill an unborn child since then have been decided by a Supreme Court composed mostly of justices appointed by Republican presidents.

GUN CONTROL -The Republican majority in Congress for 12 years did little to counteract the erosion of the right to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment.

EDUCATION - Both parties continue to drastically increase the budget of the Department of Education, a department that has no constitutional legitimacy whatsoever. Federal funding for education comes with strings attached and has steadily removed control from the local level, as showcased in the "No Child Left Behind" program.

ONE_FOURTH of all voters nation-wide are registered as independent or as members of a 'third party'. Over the last 10 years this has been the largest growing segment of voter registrations.The Constitution Party has a record of steady growth since it began in 1992 and is now the third largest political party in terms of voter registration. In the 2004 elections, the Constitution Party's presidential vote tally increased by 40% compared to the 2000 elections while other 'alternative' parties lost ground or barely matched their 2000 vote totals.