Why not reform the GOP instead of building a new party?

THE GOP LEADERSHIP HAS NO INTENTION OF RESTORING CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT - No matter how pleasing the rhetoric of the latest GOP conservative running for office, restoration of constitutional government is not on the GOP agenda in Washington. Most federal departments, agencies, and regulators are involved in activities not authorized by the Constitution. The GOP platform often opposes aspects of unconstitutional government, but does not embrace the comprehensive principle of reducing the federal government to within Constitutional limits.

Hundreds of government programs exist to help politicians reward and strengthen their supporters. Hundreds of billions of dollars in research grants, subsidies, and other forms of federal largesse help to purchase votes and political leverage. Only by reducing the federal government to within Constitutionally defined limits will we put an end to such graft and influence-peddling.

The GOP leadership is committed to "moderation," not genuine REFORM–Those Republicans who sincerely desire reform are never placed in party leadership positions. GOP conservatives in Washington always come up against a glass ceiling, and are excluded from leadership positions.

The GOP leadership is completely unwilling to nominate a constitutionalist for President, a key office responsible for many policy decisions and the appointment of numerous other influential individuals.

COMPROMISE IS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE - With its "big tent" philosophy, the GOP has become a house divided against itself, the agenda of the national party leaders being completely at odds with the beliefs of many of the grassroots members. The GOP is composed of people on both sides of definitive issues like abortion, special rights for homosexuals, and entitlements for big corporations, with liberal postures on such issues usually dominant in the ranks of party leadership. Republican-led Congresses as well as recent Republican presidencies have been a net loss for conservative constitutionalists.